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Agricultural and winery exhibition

In the barnyard of the peasant house in the hovel under the old, so called crib, used for corn storage and in the stable there are several agrarian machines and instruments awaiting the visitors. Beside the manual corn-shelling and seed-cleaning equipments, crop-grinders, carts and horse-towed plows, tools for making rows and harrows are to be seen here. In the stable we find plenty of other instruments, ranging from flapper, through mousetrap to wooden-trough, used for pig slaughter - much to the delight of children.

Grape and wine production has played a very important role in the vicinity’s agriculture for centuries. Beside the Germans, farming in this region for more than two hundred years, the population, resettled here from the uplands possessed wine-grower traditions. The old wine-barrels, grape-mills, the grape-press from the XIXth century and other winery equipments are to be found in the shorter wing of the cellar.

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Peasant House, Bátaszék - Hungary