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Little town Bátaszék - meeting in regions and cultures

The city of Bátaszek is in the southeastern part of Tolna county, south of Szekszárd, the county centre, west of the Danube river some 20 kilometers. At the meeting point of Sárköz and the Baranya hills it is a tipical city situated in a plain terrain. The South of Transdanubian with its fertile, amazing hills, valleys, low ridges of hill and small basins stretches only a couple of kilometers of our town. The measures are humane, one can get easily on the top of the ridges of hill with its slopes, suitable for vine- and fruit-growing, on the fields there are forests, groves and marshy pastures. In the climate of the region, in its flora and fauna one can notice southern traits. Here the average temperature is higher than elsewhere in the country, there are more hours of sunshine. On the hills you can find grapes of good taste, in the cellars fervent wine. On the field they grow mainly cereals and maize, but there are many pepole involved in animal keeping.  In the forests there are deers and wild-hogs, on the places with bushes and groves you can find pheasants, partridges, hares and foxes. East of our town we can reach the Danube-Dráva National Park, including the Gemenc forest; west of the town we reach the lovely Szálka lake among hills.

(colourful foldout, in english)

Peasant House, Bátaszék - Hungary