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Exhibition of old professions

In the smaller wing of the building of the Peasant House - where sometime the old couple, superannuated from the farming had lived - the visitors get a taste of the equipments of contemporary tradespeople. Entering we are welcomed by the baking furnaces and marble table for preparing pastry with cream and chocolate figure moldings of Jäger Orbán confectioner. Coming in, we meet a loom, the knitting machine of Schuszter Károly - gives account of the work of tradespeople of the past with an industry certificate from 1921.  The photographer dynasty Csonka - among plenty of old photos - had preserved a book, issued in 1929 with title "Almanac of Hungarian industry", in which we can find all the sometime tradesmen of Bátaszék. In the same premise a small collection is to be found from the patterns of one of the famous blue-painters, Müller Ferenc. 

The strain of the exhibition is made perfect by the works of the amateur wood-carver, Baricz Béla, illustrating different work-processes and situations of life.

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Peasant House, Bátaszék - Hungary