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German room

German kitchen

German room and kitchen

In the first two premises of the building the furniture, clothing and usage items of the Germans of Bátaszék are to be seen. In the large room, with view to the street a real German bedroom had been established. The ground of the collection is the bedroom-furniture of more than two-hundred years, with rich carved ornamentation (2 beds, 2 bedside tables, 2 clothes closets). The typical German traditional dresses of Bátaszék are to be found on the dressed puppets, on the coat stand and in the cupboards. In the beginning of the 20th century, at the same time with their financial growth there had been a wear change among the Germans. The former, simpler, peasant woman wear had been replaced by pleated dresses, made of silk, brocade, under which on festive events the young girls wore up to 16 petticoats. The resettlement of the Germans of Bátaszék had been in progress, when in 1736 (for the first time in the country) the local "Riflemen-corporation" had been established. Contemporary photos - placed on the wall of the bedroom - bear witness to the activity of the corporation and to the fancy uniform of the members.

In the kitchen besides the "sparherd" with flower-pattern, the typical German table and chairs we find two kitchen cabinet (one in peasant and another in civilian style), a wall plate-holder, a commode and a bath-corner with a bath-set made of china. In the premise besides the kitchen tools German wall-hangings with "home wisdom" are on display. Next to the entrance door we can see a wall-font, which is indispensable in case of the Catholics of Bátaszék.

Earlier the ceiling of the premises with bigger headroom had been decorated with colorful paintings and ornamentation that optically diminished the height. This typical momentum had been re-enacted according to the ornamentation, found during the renovation works.

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