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Upper Hungarian room

Upper Hungarian made bed

Rooms from Upper Hungary (part of Slovakia today)

According to the Hungarian-Czecho-Slovakian population-exchange agreement Hungarians from Upper Hungary had been resettled to Bátaszék from May 1947. Another ethnical group, that was the injured party of the aftershock of the war and that suffered from the population exchange, arranged 1945-48.  

The Upper Hungarians, often arriving with more carriages of agricultural machines, furniture and other personal effects came to Bátaszék from 16 settlements, inhabited by Hungarians (belonging to Slovakia today) - the majority from Nagysalló, Szenc, Negyed and Udvard.

Besides their modern agriculture the Upper Hungarians enriched the village with such intellectual and craftsman families, who achieved prestige and positions after their adaptation.  

The fourth room had been equipped by them with their preserved furniture, tools, textiles and embroideries.

The Upper Hungarians, similarly to the Germans, living here, possessed a well mechanized agriculture. Typical to their lifestyle was that they emphasized the agricultural duties, contrary to the furnishing and ornamentation of their houses. Their furniture and tools served first of all expedience, their embroideries were much simpler, less colorful, than the Szekely embroideries in the room next.

It often happened that the smarter peasants prepared their furniture, simpler kitchen equipments, tools themselves. Such as the child-playpen in the corner and the chair with turned back, standing in front of the table.

On the bed we can find fancy bedding from old and newer times. Here too, the made bed was the symbol of the property status of the family.

In the kitchen from Nagysalló there is a typical corner-bench (because of lack of space we were only able to place the half of it here), a mirror on the wall above the table, surrounded by fancy plates.

Their clothing was simple, usually made of pastel materials.

Hand spun, canvas shirts and trousers are stored in the cloth-box behind the door.

The agricultural machines and equipments of the Upper Hungarians are to be seen in combined exhibition in the stable and in the barnyard. (cart, seed-drawer, corn-sheller, wine-press, etc.)

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